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The Dress … Makes the Bride/Looking for the unique wedding dress

The Dress...Makes the Bride/Looking for the unique wedding dress

Clothes do not make the man, they say. This might be true, but as far as wedding is concerned, I believe the dress is the bride’s identity. The matter is not with the dress material: silk, satin, lace, organza, chiffon, taffeta, tule…, this is not the most important. 5 tips for the dress choice Shop […]

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Bridal Trends – Tips on Purchasing a Wedding Dress Online

Buy the Perfect Dress Many modern brides have discovered that they can purchase a beautiful dress online and save time and  money over shopping in stores.  There are some precautions to buying a dress online however.  Make sure that the website you intend to purchase from is reputable, or if you are intending to purchase […]

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